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At Baring Road Dental we are commited to improving the level of awareness and undertstanding within our practice. This includes how best to support all of our patients with learning difficulties, disabilities and autistic people as patients. So that adjustments to care can be made to ensure that these groups of people get equal access to high quality care.

Autistic patients for example may find the experience of a dental check up itself distressing. Having to lie in a chair with a large light shining in their face, cold equipment in their mouth, reaching in close, noises from the drills and smells and tastes from the mouthwash may be difficult for a patient who is particularly sensitive to their environment to handle.

Many patients with a learning difficulty or disability, and those with additional support needs may also find the thought of an appointment daunting and this may require reasonable adjustments to be made by us, such as additional time, accessible and focused pre-appointment information, clear communication with the patient and carers and support to manage anxiety or other issues.

The following easy read leaflets are here to help support our patients who may have a learning difficulty or a specific need by explaining our dental treamtents. Patient carers can also access the information to help obtain an understanding of what will happen during the visit.
Our hope is that this will help ease the pressures associated with a visit to the practice.

We also have a full range of leaflets available in different languages so our patients are able to understand exactly what their dental treatment involves. Please click here for all of your dental information needs.

Latest comments

23.08 | 09:51

Best dental practice I have ever had the pleasure to be a patient. Caring conscientious and concerned always

06.11 | 11:29

I attended the practice this week for the first time since before lockdown. Reception were helpful and there is social distancing in place. I felt very safe during my visit.

16.10 | 15:42

I visited the practice in September 2020.
They have strict procedures in place to keep people safe and Kerry promptly sent all of my documents to me via email. Excellent 5* experience

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